Bring Your ‘Kalakaari’ To The Forefront

Kalakaari Contest

Ministry of Textiles and DC Handloom invites artists, craftsmen, weavers, and designers across India to be a part of Kalakaari – a unique highlight of Bharat Tex 2024. Infuse the iconic Bharat Tex logo with your unique artistic touch and get a chance to be part of a celebration that spotlights the diverse tapestry of Indian creativity.

Be the next artist to receive well-deserved recognition and have your work reviewed by a panel of experts and get featured on the official platforms of Bharat Tex and the Ministry of Textiles.

How to Participate

Illustrate the Bharat Tex Logo.

Express your creativity by weaving, embroidering, or printing the Bharat Tex logo in your distinctive style, whether through traditional handloom, handicraft techniques, or any medium that reflects your craft.

Capture Your Artistry.

Showcase the mesmerizing process of creating the logo through a video. Let the world witness your hands at work, your artistic expressions, and the passion that fuels your craft.

Share Your Story.

Alongside the video, share some details about yourself – your name, contact information, and the specific art form or craft you represent. Let your unique narrative accompany your extraordinary artwork.


What you need to submit:


Making video


Photo of the final artwork


Final fabric

Send the making video (as Wetransfer or Google link) and photo with below details to

  • Your Name:
  • Contact:
  • Location:
  • Craft Name:

Along with the video, submit a final fabric sample of the logo unit to the following address:


The Secretariat Office,
Udyog Bhavan, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India
Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Marg, Rajpath Area, Central Secretariat,
New Delhi, Delhi – 110011